If you live in Amsterdam and don’t come, all your loved ones will be murdered.

Send us music!

Send us your sounds

Yes! The new joiner’s guide is now available. You can now go there: www.eucaryote.org/join and download our step by step guide that will explain you who to join.
Uhmaggad, we’re like soooooo up!

Hooray, we’ve got a domain, some server space, some music uploaded, eucaryote is entering its first test-version. Updates, retouching, optimization will occur as much as can be from now on and so we’ll try and keep track of what will hopefully be an amazing adventure. 

For now, you can already subscribe to the first songs of songs (ie. “eucaryotes”), just follow the link to www.eucaryote.org, I’m sure you’ll know what to do. 

Next on the road to the demise of the music industry: the creation of the eucaryotic council (well, its actually just a mailing list of people to order things around), and a little how-to manual for whoever wants to join the super adventure!


The council